Locking of Roskomnadzor (Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications)

Good day, dear colleagues!

The present script permits to detect the “unwanted” users (Roskomnadzor, state authorities) and to show them another content instead of your original. This would prevent the locking by Roskomnadzor in case if they get a complaint against you.

You can found out our methods of gathering the “unwanted” ip-adresses on our Russian official branch (thread translated in English). If you want to help the project or to participate in collecting of “unwanted” ip-adresses, please send a request on [email protected] – we look forward to receive your assistance!

PHP code

This code permits to lock the state authorities, Roskomnadzor and the right holders direct on the server.

This code shows only 0 or 1.1 in case of “unwanted” user and 0 in case of “regular” user. The whole working logic with the user must be performed by you independently ( conceal information, show the stub, do redirection and further).
In case if you use WordPress or DLE you‘d better use the modules for these platforms.

Connection and authentication of a user:

1) 1) Create the folder baza  in the Website root with the rights 777

2) 2) Connect the class of user’ authentication. You can download the class here :

$zapret=new Zapret("");
$isBadUser=$zapret->isBadIp($ip , $apikey);
//$ip –that is IP –address of a user who requests the page $apikey = ""; // might be empty-, acquire the relevant database here

After the first launching the script would automatically download the database of “unwanted” ip-s in the folder baza.

3) Perform the working logic with “unwanted” user in the basis of a variable $isBadUser
In case if you have problems by the script installation – write to our technical support.

How do I check whether the script has been installed correctly?

1) After script launching check catalogue baza – you must find file1 and file2 inside.

In case if these files are absent check access rights to catalogue baza / it must be 777/

In case if the rights do not help – activate the error-log in php and send it to our E-mail.